To see
in Romagna

Royal Cesenatico


A land of hospitality and good food, Romagna offers much more than you might expect in a holiday.
Not far from the Adriatic coast with its wide beaches and all kinds of entertainment, you can enjoy the hilly hinterland with its orchards, olive groves, vineyards, small vegetable patches and many picturesque villages.

San Marino

San Marino stands on a spur overlooking the plain below and the Adriatic Riviera, and is the oldest and most picturesque republic in the world.

San Leo

The village of San Leo with its majestic castle was the scene of civil and military battles for a millennium and its fortress was turned into a prison during papal rule.


Gradara preserves intact the splendour of the old walled village and the castle that witnessed the love affairs and tragedy of Paolo and Francesca narrated by Dante in the ‘Divine Comedy’.


Ravenna, founded more than a thousand years B.C., is the most important city in Italy from a historical-artistic point of view. Its monuments in Byzantine, Imperial and Gothic styles still demonstrate the high level reached in the past; the mosaics, unique in the world, and the grave of Dante Alighieri, the supreme poet of the Italian language, give an exact picture to the visitor of the harmonious fusion of styles from different eras.